LAB Services

This unit of hospital is a centrally located, fully loaded unit offering a range of diagnostic facilities backed by world renowned hi-tech investigative equipments for accurate & reliable results with patient friendly sample collection system.

  • Hematology & Clinical pathology: Blood cell count top of the line hematology analyzer, four channel coagulo-meter for full range of blood clotting assays, reflectance photometer for evaluation of urine test and for semen analysis.
  • Clinical Biochemistry: A fully automated biochemistry analyzer for uncompromised reliability of all biochemical tests including enzymes, proteins and component fractions.

  • Microbiology: An integrated system for blood and sterile body fluid culture with facility of culture for tuberculosis bacteria in the same assembly, Mini API system for identification of drug sensitivity.
  • Immuno Assay Laboratory: Fully automated analyzer for hormones, infections markers, tumor markers & drug levels, Elisa reader along with programmable Elisa plate washer for coverage of full range of immuno assays.
  • Histopathology and Cytopathology: Rapid reporting & early diagnosis of cancer by well equipped Cyto and Histo-pathology sections. Automatic tissue processor with microprocessor control unit for biopsy and surgical tissue examination.