Our Aim is to provide comprehensive ENT facilities of the highest standard at an affordable cost. The department is equipped to carry out all ENT surgical procedures including surgical treatment of head and neck cancers. The department also provides comprehensive audiology, hearing aids and speech therapy services. Baraut Medicity Hospital offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of all ear, nose and throat disorders. Strict steralisation and infection control guidelines are followed for the well being of our patients.

Treatment options

Deviated nasal septum, nasal obstruction, allergy and sinusitis.
Earache, ear discharge, impaired hearing and deafness.
Change in voice, speech problems, chronic cough and tonsillitis.
Headache, giddiness and snoring.
Evaluation of hearing impaired children & adults. Cochlear Implants.

Facilities available

Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy to evaluate the nose and sinuses and to come to a correct diagnosis so that proper and optimal treatment can be advised to the patient.
Diagnostic Laryngoscopy to examine the lower throat and voice box. This helps in persons with voice and speech problems to diagnose the problem and then to offer the best treatment.
Impedance Audiometry to evaluate ear function and hearing.
Microscopy of the ear and minor procedures.

Surgeries for various Ear problems are:

Cochlear Implants
Tympanoplasty Surgery.
Myringotomy & Grommet insertion for children with Glue Ear.
Stapedectomy surgery.
Cosmetic Ear Surgery.
Removal of the Earwax.

Surgeries for various Nose problems are :

Endoscopic Nasal & Sinus Surgery
Transnasal ethmoidectomy
Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
Optic Nerve Decompression
Nasal Septum Repair

Surgeries for various Throat Problems are :

Microlaryngeal Surgery
Adenoid or Adenoidectomy Surgery
Tracheal Surgery